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Buy new flash drives, for less

We offer the coolest thumb drives for a great price. Why settle for a boring old usb key when you can get the coolest pen drive that represents you?

Almost Too Cool

Our cool flash drives come in so many different varities that there is something for everyone. While every generation defines cool differently, each has a flash drive they can enjoy.

Benefits of portable storage

Our portable storage solutions allow you to have your data with you no matter where you are. No internet access is needed, and the usb keys are compatible with every operating system (windows, mac, and linux).

Uses for USB keys

Our usb keys can be used for local file backups or just fast file transportation. Don't let your project be ruined due to a faulty internet connection and don't let hardware failures lose your sensitive files.

Cheap promotional flash drives

You can get our portable storage solutions customized with your business name or logo, or even get your new flash drive in a completely custom shape.

Free Shipping

Every order ships for free, no matter how much you buy! While we only ship to the US we do it for free. Now you can get your favorite flash drives without the hassle.
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